DAC Community Arts Centre Grants

The Department of Arts and Culture has opened its grant application season for existing and functional community arts centres and programmes.

Applicants that wish to apply for funding  should submit a three year proposal which should include annual detailed budget plan for each component for example year one, two & three.

The components are:

  • Annual community arts programmes that activate existing spaces within the centre.
  • Training and development opportunity for young South Africans.
  • Programming that facilitates nation building and social cohesion.
  • Upgrading facilities.

The following selection criteria will apply:

  • Functional community arts centres that have legal status as Non for Profit Institutions, including the copy of the constitution. (Organisation Registration documents; tax clearance certificate)
  • The Arts Centre must have the management and governance structures in place. (Centre Manager and the Board/Council), and their appointment letters.
  • Fully completed application form.

Only posted hardcopy applications will be accepted. No emailed or faxed applications will be accepted.

Closing date for submissions is 28th February 2017

Applications can be sent to: Department of Arts and Culture, 481 Steve Biko Street, Cnr Steve Biko and Stanza Bopape Streets, Kindsley Centre, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0001. Private Bag X897, Pretoria, 0001.

For more information contact the below

Ms Susan Selepe SusanS@dac.gov.za
Ms Vanessa Mahibila VanessM@dac.gov.za
Ms Moneelwa Modiba MoneelwaM@dac.gov.za



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