Showmax clocks 10 million views ahead of 1st anniversary

It’s been a little under a year and already one of South Africa’s premier video on demand platforms Showmax has clocked up 10 million views on the streaming site. Showmax reports that over five million hours of content was viewed equating to about 500 years of TV viewing.

Showmax recently announced that users could now download content off of the platform to view offline; something that has seen more people using the service.

Having the largest video catalogue in Africa, Showmax is available in 37 African  countries and a further 28 countries outside of the continent.

ShowMax has been specifically designed to cater to local needs. Some of the key features contributing to the popularity of ShowMax include:
• The ability to download content to Android and Apple smartphones and tablets for viewing offline, addressing the challenge that internet connectivity isn’t yet ubiquitous in Africa
• User-selectable bandwidth capping function that allow users to reduce data consumption by selecting a lower streaming video quality level
• Partnerships with local connectivity providers to make it easier to access ShowMax and further reduce the cost of data
• Prepaid vouchers, giving access to customers who don’t have a credit card
• A large selection of local content on top of some of the most popular shows from Hollywood and the UK

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