Destiny to host production accounting workshops

Destiny Media Africa, Film Finances and MoneyPenny have partnered to hold a series of production accounting workshops for aspiring production accountants.

The workshops are set to take place during August 2016 in Johannesburg and Durban. The workshops should be attended by:

• Anyone who wants a better understanding of managing production finances from pre-production to production to post-production audits
• Anyone who wants to work as a film accountant
• Producers, Line Producers or anyone who want to strengthen their abilities to manage costs of a larger film production.
• Accountants who want to include production accounting as part of their services
• Accountants who need to audit the books and records of a film or television production have found this very practical grass-roots training invaluable.
• Experience or education. If you have some basic skills in Excel and Word software as well as numeracy you qualify.

For any enquiries forward and email to  or alternatively call (011) 050 1312.

Click here to book online


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