NTFS wants to increase female directors in UK

The National Film and Television School in London, United Kingdom has embarked on an initiative to increase the number of female directors in the country. The school launched, on Saturday, three programmes to work towards their efforts to bolster the number of female directors and filmmakers in the industry.

Gala 2016 girl power news header pic.jpg
Source: http://www.ntfs.co.uk

All female students studying towards a MA Directing degree will receive mentorship, free directing workshops for those who have graduated and paid internships that aim to pair interns with writers, producers and directors for better in-field training and interpersonal up-skilling.

The initiative was announced by the NFTS fundraising gala chair, Barbara broccoli who was also a producer for the last two James Bond movies; Spectre and Skyfall.

barbara broccoli_gpyouthfilmclub_imdb.jpg
source: imdb: Daniel Craig, Barbara Broccoli, Sam Mendes

During the announcement Broccoli had this to say “We women in film, especially those in positions of influence need to now really focus on supporting working with families so we don’t find ourselves losing valuable, talented and enthusiastic members of our industry.”

According to a study from Directors UK women accounted for only 20% of film and television personnel in 2015.


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