ConnectZA call for visual art projects

British council ConnectZA Arts Programme is looking for artistic project proposals, exposing and sharing the story of the new South Africa and UK through collaboration and support of up and coming artists.

The  call is open to art practitioners who have not previously had projects included in the British Council Connect ZA Arts Programme,with the hopes of expanding the creative landscape through investment and support of new partnerships.

projects that are  a strong mix of more than one art form, with particular interest live performance and  visual art projects. ConnectZA encourages female artists  to submit their projects in order to address their under-representation in the creative industries.

ConnectZA is open to artists between the age of 18-35 years old with projects that are:

Able to engage and reach across multiple digital platforms
Designed for an urban context and audience
Collaborative and mutually beneficial – to artists, participants and audiences in both countries


We have three Creative Categories available, supporting our themes and ambitions of developing

New Partners, New Projects and New Spaces

1 People to People: New Partners

Amount: up to £3500 GBP

This category is open to creative individuals from any art form (either independent or working as part of a company) wishing to gain a placement to develop work in a different context and location with new artists and/or art-forms. This is also open to small scale company’s wishing to invite a new individual to collaborate, such as a guest director, sound artist, writer or digital artist that they wish to contribute to their project. This must be a UK SA collaboration, may be digital but should culminate in a project with audience reach in one or both countries either online or offline.

2 Practice to Practice: New Projects

Amount: up to £7,500 GBP

This category is for small to medium scale creative organisations in both the UK / SA wishing to collaborate with each other on new projects that develop art form practice and stretch artistic boundaries and genre. Projects should focus primarily on Live Performance and/or Visual Arts and/or Moving Image or a combination of these art forms.

3 Place to Place: New Spaces

Amount: up to £15,000 GBP

This category is for UK and SA large scale cultural institutions and/or companies wishing to collaborate with each other, crossing boarders, sharing excellence and expertise on ground breaking projects that raise the profile and awareness of institutions and their place in the cultural landscape. We welcome applications that engage new audiences for arts and culture in the public realm.


Submit project proposals that adhere to the following:

Demonstrate creative quality, innovation and excellence
Offer a rewarding creative experience for artists, participants and audiences
Support the British Council Connect ZA themes and ambitions
Have a lead applicant in either SA or UK
Are a partnership between creative/enablers in the UK and SA
Have a proven track record and experience of arts project delivery

Fit within the agreed delivery timeline – all projects must start before March 2017
Agree to our Monitoring and Evaluation process and gather appropriate feedback
Adhere to the British Council’s equal opportunities and diversity frameworks (as outlined on our website)


To submit please send an application describing what your project is, how it meets our criteria and include the details below:
Brief outline of your artistic project either as part of application form or separately (no more than 1 side of A 4 paper)
Budget i.e. income and expenditure sheet either as part of application form or separately. This must include co-creation/in-kind values such as staffing, equipment and rehearsal space (things that you are contributing in kind) as well as all financial input.
If you do not have a partner/organisation in the other country and would like support in identifying one by utilising the British Council’s international network to connect you, this is possible, please contact us to discuss your application prior to the deadline on the email below.

*Please note that any award will take the form of a grant and VAT cannot be added. Therefore your budget must include any VAT payable.

Please write OPEN CALL followed by – New Partners, New Projects or New Spaces – (dependent on what category you are applying for) in the subject line and send to:

You may apply in more than one category or contract us if you are unclear on which you fit into.


Deadline for Grant Applications will be Monday 18 July 2016 midnight in respective countries.

Call for applications 11 June 2016
Proposals submitted by Monday 18 July 2016
Notification to applicants Monday 8 August 2016
Activity for projects start by March 2017

*images source:



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