Tierney Photographic Fellowship call for applications

The Tierney Fellowship hosted at the Market Photo Workshop calls on photographers to apply for a one year fellowship to produce a sound body of photographic work.

The successful applicants will be provided a mentor and a R40 000 grants which will cover expenses such as research, travel and other photography related elements.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • The residency is open to all students of the Market Photo Workshop
  • The mentorship will be awarded to applicants who are resident in Southern Africa
  • Applicants must have fulfilled contractual requirements for Market Photo Workshop courses they were enrolled in or projects they participated in
  • Applicants must have basic project management skills and demonstrate understanding of project management steps and processes
  • Applicants must be independent, determined self-starters with a drive to succeed
  • Students and alumni that come form needy financial background or previously disadvantaged individuals are encouraged to apply
  • Applicants must not have produced a solo exhibition before
  • Applicants must be able to travel to Johannesburg for initial meetings
  • Applicants must not be older than 35 years of age at time of application


How to apply?

Submit two projects/series of work with at least 8-10 digital low-resolution images per project. Maximum of 20 low-resolution files in total (max. 5MB). All images must be in JPG format. Your series of work must be accompanied by a proposal document in Word format detailing the following

  • Proposal Concept
  • Why you have chosen this concept
  • What you wish to accomplish with this work
  • Why this opportunity is significant for you
  • Include an abridged CV in a Word document or pdf.

All four files above need to be named as separate folders and compressed in one zip-file as: <firstname_surname>.zip.

 Applications close on Friday 20 May 2016.

All applications must be submitted by email to bekien@marketphotoworkshop.co.za and copied tobiancam@marketphotoworkshop.co.za.

Applicants can contact Bekie Ntini on +27 11 834 1444 with any queries.


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