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Gauteng Youth film Club call for submissions

Gauteng Youth Film Club is a unique platform created by young filmmakers for young filmmakers. It is a forum for youth filmmakers to showcase their work to local audiences. This experimental monthly film social market brings together cinema, music, fashion, food and entrepreneurship to facilitate collaboration and networking between peers, artists, local business, media and most importantly local audiences.

How to Submit:
If you wish to submit your film or documentary for consideration please visit or email to request an  Filmmaker Application form.
Individuals submitting films must be younger than 35 years old and hold at least one of the following positions in connection with the film submitted: Producer, Director, Writer, or possess some legal ownership of the film. Filmmakers must provide a direct online link for Gauteng Youth Film Club to view the submission. Acceptable video platforms are Youtube and Vimeo. Links that require, downloading, payment or signing up in order to view will be immediately disregarded. No hardcopies will be accepted.

Filmmakers may submit projects in the short film, feature-length film and documentary categories across all genres and may submit multiple projects for consideration.
Closing date for 2016 submissions is: 25 May 2016
Gauteng Youth Film Club takes place monthly in the capital city of Tshwane, showcasing several varying projects at each market.

Gauteng Youth Film Club is an initiative by young filmmakers for youth filmmakers to come together and celebrate one another’s work. GYFC’s fundamental goal is to develop local audience’s viewing and understanding of local productions. This is a grassroots approach to tackle the lack of local cinema or film viewing culture in South Africa. Audiences and filmmakers will have an opportunity to interact with one another in the form of networking and a Q&A session after each screening. This ensures that audiences can get be educated on the local, youth film industry and in turn filmmakers receive direct feedback from audiences.

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